Kaiteur Falls – The Jewel of Guyana’s Rainforests

There are many famous waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls, Yellowstone Falls, Angel Falls. However many people are yet to discover the incredible beauty of one located deep in Guyana a small country in South America. This is Kaiteur Falls, The Jewel of Guyana’s Rainforests. I was lucky enough to visit there in 2019

Getting There

You’ll need to make it to Georgetown, Guyana first. Guyana is a former British colony (Everyone speaks English! and drives on the right.) made up of the descendants of African and Indian indentured servants. People are friendly, food is fantastic and fresh. There are some bad areas but lots of good hosts and guides to navigate the city. Spend a few days enjoying the city and then book a flight from Georgetown to Kaiteur. 

There are a few local charters and you should call ahead to confirm the prices, dates, group size. Aim for a large group as if many cancel the flight can be bumped to another day. Also check the weather ahead of time. Prices are around $200 Round Trip. After shopping around I decided to choose Roraima Airways Tour as they are reputable and have been operating for many years. 

You’ll need to get to Ogle Airport on the North East section of the city, this is a smaller regional airport. Be sure to arrive on time and give your accurate weight. You’ll get a front view of airport operations from the lounge. Below you can see them towing the Trislander , which will take us to Kaiteur and back. 

Literally pushing the plane lol.

The Flight

After you board, you’ll take off and be treated with some awesome views of the city. I recommend doing this tour the beginning of your trip so you see most of the major spots you will visit during your stay in Guyana. 

Now, you will go over an endless sea of green which is the Amazon rain forest. Occasionally you will see a gold mine or small native village, but for the most part it is a blanket of trees. 

You’ll pass over the Road to Lethem, a remote town in the beautiful Savannah of the south. That road takes 9-12 hours and isn’t for the faint of heart. Dotted near the road are numerous mineral mines. 

After about 30 minutes, you start to fly over the Pakaraima Mountains. Which was my favorite part of the flight. These tower over the forest like huge cathedrals of stone, keep your eyes spotted for the small waterfalls that dot the surface. 

Kaiteur Falls

Now you will come into view of the Falls. Look out your left side and stare in awe at the massive waterfall. If the weather is good the pilot will do a few passes. 

Hike to the Falls

Now after you’ve landed you will hike through the rainforest from the Kaiteur Lodge. You will see bushes, vines, plants and trees that you have never seen. Keep an eye out for monkeys, birds, and reptiles! Your far inside of a dense rainforest, its a nature lovers dream. 

I’ll end this post with the focal point of this article, Kaiteur Falls. I hope whoever is reading this can visit someday, the photos cannot do it justice. 

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