Journey to the Highest Road in America!

Trail Ridge Road on the Alpine plains of the Rocky Mountains, CO

High above the Rocky Mountains and the city of Denver, lies a road that takes you up to 12,183 ft above sea level. This is higher that almost every day-hike that most people can do. You can experience it from the seat of your car, but you should come out and hike a couple of trails in Rocky Mountain National Park. In 2016, I planned a trip to take me there.

First, you’ll drive north west from Denver and then slightly west via US-36 to bring you into the park. You begin to see some of the peaks of the Rocky’s rise up into view as you get closer.

Rocky’s are coming into view.
US 36W bringing you into the park , a far cry from the roads my hometown NYC

Once your in the park, the crest of the mountains are always in view. We decided to do one hike to Emerald Lake

A glimpse of the Rocky Mountain range. You will see this constantly on your left hand side as you ascend the trail to Emerald Lake
Another View from the same trail looking south

You’ll continue up stopping at a few viewpoints, whats really nice is that if you’re hiking here in the Spring or Summer, theres lots of wildlife on the trail.

Approaching the Range

After about 1-2 hours of hiking, you arrive at Emerald Lake

At the top of the trail!

Now at this point, you can get back in your car and continue up to Trail Ridge Road, This road takes you into Alpine territory, and you gradually ascend to over 12K Feet!

One of the many Viewpoints
You’ll notice less trees and more shrubbery as you get above 8k Ft
Finally at the top is Alpine Plains! (Very windy!)
At the top of the mountain! On the highest paved road in America.
Victory Jump!

Bonus Meal : Mike Bar and Grill!

We drove up towards Yellowstone after Rocky Mountains, if your passing through i highly suggest stopping off at Rawlins, WY and have a meal at Mikes Bar and Grill (1711 W Spruce St Rawlins, Wyoming 82301)

Steak Fries , with huge pieces of beef
Theres a Burger there, a really really good one!
Chicken Burrito (I think?) cant remember but it was good 🙂

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