The Most Beautiful National Park in the USA Midwest

Few sights in the world can stop you in your tracks than the view of the Teton mountains located in Grand Teton National Park. This park, in my opinion, is the most beautiful park in the USA Midwest. Its 14,000 ft range ascends above the great plains taking full view. In 2017, I visited this place. Here my experience.

To get there, I flew into Denver and drove across Wyoming (9 hours!), that wasn’t very eventful, however you do get to pass across the Oregon Trail at Sands Point which is pretty cool. Also, Definitely grab a Burger and Beer in Jackson Hole and check out the Antler Arch in the town square!

Oregon Trail
Antler Arch in Jackson Hole, WY

Now after you’ve gotten your fill of Jackson Hole. Drive up on the Route 191 and look out to the left for the Tetons! I recommend driving up to take some photos of the Barn in front of the range, then drive up to it and do a loop around the lake. See some photos of my trip here.

The Grand Teton Mountain range rising up from the Plains of Wyoming and Idaho
Approaching the Range
T.A Moulton Barn , right off Route 191
Fields and Dirt roads

After driving towards the park on Rt191, you turn left and enter Snake River Overlook which gives an awsome view of the east side of the range.

Taking in the view from Snake River Overlook
Lots of Flowers in Bloom 🙂
Freshwater Streams from the Mountains
Along snake river

We followed the river and got to Jenny Lake, which has a nice trail that lets you circle it.

Jenny Lake
Trail around Jenny Lake
Crystal Clear water
Driving up north to Yellowstone, last view of the Tetons!

Sadly, we had to continue our drive up to Yellowstone so we had to depart from the Tetons. If your making the trip to Yellowstone i highly recommend making a detour to see this park if you can accommodate!

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