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I also write and publish articles about anything interesting, unusual, or fascinating from my point of view.

NYC’s Worst Neighborhood with a Dark Past, The Hole

On the border of Brooklyn and Queens, lies a run down area at the intersection of Linden and Conduit Blvd ...
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Playing A Clear Grand Piano Made of Transparent Acrylic

Since the late 1700s Pianos have been made with Spruce, Hard Rock Maple, and exotic woods like Ebony, Mahogany or ...
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Working from Home? Turn your old Laptop or Tablet into a Second Monitor!

Due to Coronavirus and COVID19, many folks now find themselves away from the office and into their bedrooms and living ...
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A Guide on Direct Selling in any Niche Market

Why Listen to me? Well I've worked in Direct Sales for 5.5 years in a niche market (Piano Sales / ...
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Why is the City of Istanbul Brimming with Cats?

Being home amidst the Coronavirus has me reminiscing of a recent trip to Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul is magnificent city on ...
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See What Any NYC Property looked like in 1940

(Tip : At the bottom of the article, I posted photos of the interior of the National LI Bank, Now ...
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