Sunrise at Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore

Last year in 2019, before the Coronavirus when planes were still flying, I visited SouthEast Asia. I landed in Singapore after Hong Kong, I was determined the see Jewel and Rain Vortex. Here is my experience through this remarkable complex. As the city begins to wake, and Sunrise hits the Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore!

The Airport

Changi Airport is a major hub in Southeast Asia and remarkably clean given the millions of travelers who pass through. Moving through it I noticed a distinct blend of Nature and Neo-Futurism throughout the architecture of the complex.

Jewel (At Night)

Jewel is a sub-complex of the airport that is an inside Green Space with a focal rainfall at the center. Outside is a mall, eatary, and lounge space to service travelers. I quickly rushed over to find the Jewel was indeed open, I took a nap there listening to the sounds of the water.

Sleep and Freshen Up

I landed pretty late, and after a 16 hour flight from NYC, I wanted to get some shut-eye. Thankfully there are numerous lounges where you can get 3,6, or 9 hours sleep. Plus a luxurious shower and meal for just $15-$30 USD.

Jewel (By Day)

After a refreshing shower, I set out see the Jewel and the Rain Vortex. The Rain Vortex is a massive 3 floor waterfall that feeds from the roof and in the central focal point of Jewel. I was lucky enough to wake up right before the water turned on! Then enjoyed a great breakfast at Fun Toast!

See below for the first waves splashing down and then some photos of the surrounding.

If you ever have to do a layover in SE Asia, make sure to plan a visit to Jewel Changi Airport Singapore!

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