A Day Spent on Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Thailand has some amazing cites, great food, and lush green mountains and valleys. But just off the coast it also has some of the best coastal islands and waters in the world. One of the most popular is just off the coast of Phuket on its west coast, here is a day spent on Phi Phi Island.

First Stop : Phuket, Thailand & PhiPhi Ferry

To get to Phi Phi you have a couple of options, the easiest one logistically is to take a direct flight to Phuket (HKT). I was in Malaysia and found a cheap flight via AirAsia to get to Phuket for $40. Once you land, take a Taxi or Bus to Rassada Pier and hop on any of the daily boats to Phi Phi, most leave before 10am so get there early!

Waiting on the ferries to depart

The Ferry will travel across the Andaman Sea and you will pass many large rocks and smaller islands as it comes close to Maya Bay

Arriving at Phi Phi Island

Shortly after Maya Bay, the boat will turn and land on Phi Phi Island on the narrow strip of beach that connects the two end mountains on the north and sound end. This beach and boats are picturesque and stunning. There are a lot of great restaurants right on the beach, take a short break for lunch as it is around 12-1pm since the boat takes a couple of hours.

The Hike to Viewpoint

If you only have time to do one thing, do the hike to Viewpoint 1. This Hike lets you see a good part of the island, and concludes with a full panorama at the end. Bring lots of water and sunscreen!

The route, don’t be fooled by the time, as the last leg (grey dotted line) is a steep climb up!

You will pass through the main street and see many shops, convenience stores and spas. Stock up on water and snacks for the hike then head to Viewpoint 1. You will see some signs scattered pointing you towards it.

Keep and eye out for some critters on the way there.

As you climb up, you will begin to see bits of the island and both sides of the bay. Be sure to take breaks in clear areas and look behind!

On the way down I ran into a baby monkey and gave it to a woman who was able to return it to its mother 🙂

After I came down, I had just enough time for a coconut and hopped back on the boat. All in all, even though it was short, a day spent on phi phi island is worth taking the detour from Phuket.