80 Years Later, NYC Italian Grocery still Standing and Serving Classic Fare

New York has a long history of Italian Immigrants populating spots such as Little Italy, the Bronx and Brooklyn. Cheese, Meat, and Pasta stores were once found all over the city. Most of these shops have since closed as mass market chains took market share and the consumer base changed or left the city.

However, In the Queens neighborhood of Ozone Park, there’s a quiet shop called AS Fine Foods and Pork Store (103-13 101 Ave) that has been there for nearly a century! I’ve often passed it by in my youth, so one day I decided to check it out.

Upon entering, the first thing you will notice is an array of imported Salami, Dried Vegetables, Oils and Cheeses hanging all around the store! (You won’t see that at Whole Foods!) and all of it is for sale and not just decoration 🙂

Underneath, the cold and hot bar showcase a selection of antipasti, meatballs, veggies, soups, salad, and handmade cheeses.

Fresh Cheese hangs above a selection of AntiPasti

The walls are artfully packed with cans of tomato, sauces, spices, sweets candies and anything you can thing of. You can see everything at a glance.

Cans of Crushed and Whole Tomato’s, Oils, Olives, Peppers, Pesto and more!

Towards the back there are many shelves of Pasta, as they make it in the back room, there’s also cold desserts and pasta in the fridge/freezer.


I was more in the mood for a good Steak so I moved further back where there’s a second cabinet of fresh made Italian Sausage, cuts of Pork, Chicken, Fish, and Beef.

I decided on 2 cuts of Rib-Eye Steak ,a pound of Italian Chicken Sausage and some Handmade Vanita Gnocchi

After cooking them, they came out fantastic! See photos below.